These are the wheels I bought via Marktplaats from a lad in Amsterdam for EUR 100.- excl. P&P. Campagnolo Record Pista hubs, high flange, 36 spokes per wheel, tied and soldered, Mavic silver rims, corked spoke holes. The wheels came pretty dirty and with tubulars mounted. I will remove the tubs, clean the wheels, re-grease the hubs, new balls if necessary, polish the hub shells and adjust the bearings. The rims and spokes will be polished, too, the wheels checked and straightened. New tubs and...ready.
That's how it will be done first. Later on I will decide if I will keep these rims and spokes or if I will replace them. I've got a new pair of Super Champion rims, 36 holes, and other vintage rims are not too difficult to get. In 1979, everybody rode polished silver coloured rims, but later that year (or in 1980), dark anodised rims became popular. Mavic SSC, Ambrosio Durex, and many others. All low profile, box type rims. Aero, high profile rims came several years later.

The wheels as I got them: