Geliano Columbus MultiShape (MS)

I love odd bicycle stuff. And France has a lot of odd things to offer.
My preference is not the typical Peugeot, Motobecane, Simplex, Huret, Ideale, Singer or Herse, but I love Mecacycle, Polchlopek, Geliano, Follis, Sablière, Cyfac and Maxi Sports.

Geliano is the brand name of retailer / wholesaler Duret from the French Loire area.
Nice and good quality Geliano frames stand out because of the way these frames were manufactured and painted. There are many lugless / fillet brazed Geliano frames, using special tubing and frame building details. 
Most frames bear a special paint finish, usually very colourful with special “star” effects and other spacials. You like it or not, but it’s not dull or middle of the road.

My Geliano has it all.
Lugless, very rare Columbus MS / MultiShape tubing and a very special paintjob.
I can’t say that the colour combination is beautiful, but it’s certainly Geliano-like, beautiful in ugliness...

I’ve topped the bike off with all failed Campagnolo parts that I could find:
Croce d’Aune with “delta”-brakes, Syncro shifting levers and even SGR pedals.
Simply my best bike...