Rossin track frame for sale

Rossin track frame and fork 49 cm
EUR 450.- 
Small size, paint and decals have lots of war wounds due to usage and storage, but it’s still original and technically completely okay. 
No dents, cracks, etc.

Frame height 49 cm c-t-c, equals 50.5 cm c-t-top
Top tube 50.5 cm c-t-c. 

Insured shipping only.
Price excl. postage.

More photos on request. 

Cinelli 1A stems in black

Cinelli 1A black stem, I've been looking for some in good condition. But as much as these were used in the 1980, so hard to find these are now. Heavily scratched, drilled, worn, but never in mint condition. This was my lucky week: 2 pieces new in box, perfect 130mm length, very, very attractive price. Offered by an unknown Polish webshop, so was it too good to be true? Because it didn't cost I fortune, I decided to take the risk. And it was absolutely worth it. A Cinelli 1A stem is nothing special, but it was the overall standard in the 70s and 80s. Suddenly it became high fashion and "professional" to have a black stem, combined with aluminium coloured bars and seat post. And no, not all 3 parts in black!

Track parts for sale

Update track parts for sale: click here
Rossin track frame (50 cm centre to top) and fork for sale: coming up soon...

Restored my Adidas cyclocross shoes

I have two (!) pairs of very good Adidas cyclocross shoes, but the 1980s rubber soles tend to live their own life and seperate or fall into pieces. The owner of shoe repair shop in my town did his magic and gave my shoes a second (or third) life.

Adelaar Apeldoorn - Harry Rodink club jersey

Although I've never been a club member of Apeldoornse Ren- en Toeristenvereniging De Adelaar, I've raced against those guys since 1979 and I've carefully made my first laps of track cycling on their outdoor track. Today, I can still call their indoor track in Omnisportcentrum my hometrack, although the Amsterdam (Sloten) track is almost at the same distance and it's since 2019 or so that I've done my last laps on the track.
But owning a Reco track bike (by Ben Regter, RIP), I can almost justify having a nice 1970s-1980s (???) Adelaar - Race Shop Harry Rodink club jersey and wearing it on special occasions.
2nd photo: me (WSV Emmen), leading in front of Charles Veenhuizen in Wierden, 1980.

Cannondale M2000 ready

Finished the renovation of my old 1992 Cannondale M2000 this summer. I’ve build it with nearly new XTR M900 parts.
The frame was totally beaten up and the original fork was gone. I think I’ve replaced it long time ago by a suspension fork and cut the steerer tube because I needed some piece of steel tube this size. :-(
After my brother has used it for some decades in South America, I got it back and gave it some TLC. 
New powder coating (sorry…), new fork from Spain, new decals from Germany after I rejected the English decals and (from a Giant Cadex donor bike) a full M900 group set.
Still doubting what to do with the stem: put the gigantic stem back on or leave this shorter one on. The long one comes closer to the original one, but this one is better for modern riding style and matches my “modern” Cube FS bike better.

Cycling jersey GGMC for sale

EUR 35.- 
Size 3, small!!!
Nice and iconic cycling jersey, “new” in plastic bag.
Size 3, no label inside jersey.
Fabric feels like acryllic.
Flock print GGMC.

Armpit - armpit = 38 cm
Back = 70 cm
Front = 65 cm
So, not that large.

GGMC (Germaan Gazelle Matador Combinatie) was a cycling club from Weesp/Amsterdam with members Gerrie Knetemann and Tim Krabbé (cyclist and writer of the novel “The Rider”).

Insured shipping only.
Price excl. postage.

Colmo Team HB Alarmsystemen replica

Some years ago I bought a bike as a donor for its components and what was left was a resprayed frame with weird Concorde decals. Although the story behind the name “Colmo” and the link with 1970s racing team HB Alarm Systemen have always intrigued me, I’ve tried to sell it, but there was almost no interest.
With my cycling enthousiast son growing into it, I decided to do the frame justice and restore it.
I didn’t want to spend a fortune, so I sanded it and sprayed it with a rattlecans and discovered that outsourcing a paintjob is always better and more affordable than a DIY job.
The paintjob didn’t turn out perfect, but the decals that I’ve drawn up did the job.
The components that were laying around completed the project, a matching HB jersey (Colmo season) is still a challenge.

Shimano Dura Ace 10 mm pitch track sprocket for sale

EUR 20.- 
Shimano Dura Ace 10 mm pitch, 15 teeth.
Special threading BC33 x 24T
Insured shipping only.
Price excl. postage.

SOLD: Campagnolo track hubs (2)

EUR xxx 
Selling in Europe only.
Track hub set, 36 spoke holes, 100 mm / 120 mm OLD
With oil/grease port's and clips, rare!
Insured shipping only.
Price excl. postage.