Colmo Team HB Alarmsystemen replica

Some years ago I bought a bike as a donor for its components and what was left was a resprayed frame with weird Concorde decals. Although the story behind the name “Colmo” and the link with 1970s racing team HB Alarm Systemen have always intrigued me, I’ve tried to sell it, but there was almost no interest.
With my cycling enthousiast son growing into it, I decided to do the frame justice and restore it.
I didn’t want to spend a fortune, so I sanded it and sprayed it with a rattlecans and discovered that outsourcing a paintjob is always better and more affordable than a DIY job.
The paintjob didn’t turn out perfect, but the decals that I’ve drawn up did the job.
The components that were laying around completed the project, a matching HB jersey (Colmo season) is still a challenge.