Martelly track

New track bike project!
Martelly (Martens, Belgium) track frame with Dura Ace 10 components.
The frame is too small, so it has to go (edit 29. Mar. 2016: sold).
Most probably I will keep the components and will build my second bike with such a group set.
I'll trade the Campagnolo front hub or front wheel against a Dura Ace one and found a correct BB set already.
A Dura Ace headset would be nice, but this Hattaswan will also do.

Power pedals

It took me a couple of years, but finally I got them!
Most probably not for riding, but great stuff for my collection, for exhibitions, this blog and to share it with everybody. Power pedals from 1995, designed (and perhaps also made) in Norway.
The unique thing about these pedals is, that there is a clutch in each pedals, that makes that the pedal axle can only rotate in one direction.
Quote of the owners manual:
"Using shoes with stiff sole, the lever arm will increase with the length of the shoes on the backstroke".
More and different muscles are used, thus less fatigue.
Very good, practical point is, that the cleats are compatible with shoes with Look as well as Time (Speedplay) hole patterns.
Disadvantage: very heavy, despite magnesium pedal body and titanium axle. "