Shimano PD-T100 platform pedals

Around September last year (2009) I was able to acquire a pair of Shimano "triathlon" pedals PD-T100. Wasn't it late 1980's that these pedals were introduced? I remember I put a pair on Gazelle 1st prototype Triathlon Trophy.
These pedals could be used in 2 different ways. With racing shoes and shoe cleats as normal racing pedals, but with special plastic inserts with running shoes or any other kind of footwear.
These pedals never became a bit hit, because triathletes used road racing shoes and a bit later, clipless pedals were invented.
But nowadays, these PD-T100 pedals have been discontinued for ages have become pretty rare, it seems that people start to admire the pedals and praise the features. Anyway, these pedals are rare and hard to get.
Why have I been after a pair of these pedals?
For most of the riders, these pedals suck. It's a lot better to have regular quill pedals with clips and straps or clipless pedals like Shimano SPD or Time ATAC.
But for my 7 years old kid (changing shoe size every year and I'm not willing to buy him a new set of cycling shoes yearly) these PD-T100 pedals could be a great solution. He can ride with regular shoes, no chance that he will get injuries due to teethed MTB quill pedals or soar feet because of thin steel plates of cheap road pedals.
Thanks to a nice girl in U.K. I was able to get a pair.
Small Christophe toe clips were at least as hard to find as the pedals, but finally I found a NOS pair at an Ebay shop, also U.K.
Together with a new pair of leather toe straps, the pedals and clips have been installed on the small Giant TCR 24" road bike and my son has used it a couple of times already. Of course, he wasn't used to toe clips or any other foot retention system on a bike, but with a little help and extra attention, it works out well. He's able to engage his feet within the 1st pedal stroke already!

Shimano 105 6-speed indexed shifing components

For the Benotto kid's bike I was looking for some indexed shifting components. The SunTour parts may be the original components from the 1980's, but in case my or someone else's kid is going to ride this bike, some better components have to be used. Friction down tube shifters may be a bit too difficult to handle for an 8 year old kid.
Via "Marktplaats" I found a good set of Shimano 105 components. Not exactly the same age as the bike, but close. These 1050-series have been produced in the second half of the 1980's and belonged to the first indexed ("click") shifting components. The down tube shifters (I'm only going to use the RH one, since the bike has a single front chain wheel) and the rear derailleur belong to the same series. Although finish is not as nice as the more expensive Dura Ace, the weight is higher, it wears a bit faster, works in the same way, there is much better compatibility with other parts and the price of the components is much more attractive. It will work perfectly with any (Shimano) 6-speed multiple freewheel and derailleur chain. An excellent choice for this bike, especially, because the finish is shiny silver.

Gazelle Champion Mondial Semi Race

Last week I got myself this ladies/mixte bike with Reynolds 531c frame and fork.
It took me a while to find, buy and pick up one, because these bikes seem to be pretty rare (although I know that quite a lot have been manufactured). And when there is one for sale, it's either too far away, too expensive, too old and in most cases too big (56 or 58 cm).
This one was just fine, I placed my bid, it was accepted and I rushed to pick it up.
The 53 cm frame and fork are Bordeaux red, a rare colour with some small, traditional quality problems: some small paint chips fell off. Nothing bad, certainly not for a bike this old. I do not remember that this colour was used in the years that I was working at Gazelle, so the bike must be older than 1985. The presence of the down tube shifters (Campagnolo) confirms that. On the other hand, it's not too old, because the bridges are tubes, no plates. The brakes are Modolo sidepull, no centrepull.
I thought that it would make a very nice bike for my wife, but I'm not so sure if she is "in to" vintage bikes. She already has 2 road bikes, a city bike, a spare trekking bike and an MTB, but all she uses is the heavy Nexus 7 speed city bike.
So, the question is: what to do with the Gazelle?
As a fully equipped semi race, it's a bit like her Giant trekking bike, but with drop bars. May be too inconvenient for her and needs precise assembly, adjustment, maintenance and lots of new parts.
With all the excessive parts removed, especially with drop bars, it's looking like one of her road bikes, but a lot older and cheaper.
With the original touring bars, but all accessories removed, it looks very, very strange.
Personally I think that it will look nice with drops, drop bar brake levers and single speed drive train. Clean, simple, stylish. Red with silver and white accents.
The alternative is riser bars with MTB brake levers.
When these trials are not appreciated, I think I'll give up my ideas with a vintage Gazelle Semi Race and sell this frame set (or bike) again.
In the end, it's a very good, very nice and original product with lots of possibilities and heritage. It would be a shame to let it go.

ZEUS (Criterium) cranks for sale

EUR 120.- or nearest offer.
Selling in Europe only.
Probably Zeus Criterium
NOS - New Old Stock
These beautiful crank arms are 100% new and unused.
Looks like they have been assembled on a bike once, but never ridden.
These ZEUS cranks, made in Spain, equivalent of Campagnolo, are very, very rare. Certainly in this condition.
Length of the crank arms = 170mm
Marking on the backside of both cranks = BSC, I suppose that means that the treads are English.
I've tried a pair of regular pedals and that fits.
Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) = 119mm, rare, typically Zeus.
Chain rings, crank bolts, dust caps, chain ring bolts not included, but still available, e.g. on Ebay,
Chain ring, Zeus Pista, 52T, 1/2x1/8” click here
Crank set Zeus track incl chain ring click here
Insured shipping only.
Price excl. postage.

Concor Junior saddle - nr. 2

Got myself a second sample of this beautiful saddle. Jonas already has one on his Giant TCR 24" road bike, but I wanted another one for the Benotto. It looks great on the bike, just a bit difficult to assemble with the simple seat post (quill with separate clamp). I may need another "patent" seat post 26.2 mm or a shim 26.2 to 25.4 mm.

Pro teams on Benotto bikes

1946 Benotto - Superga (Italy) 
1947 Benotto (Italy) 
1948 Benotto (Italy) 
1949 Benotto (Italy) 
1950 Benotto (Italy) 
1951 Benotto - Ursus - Fiorelli (Italy) 
1952 Benotto - Fiorelli - Salus (Italy) 
1953 Benotto - Levrieri (Italy)
1974 Filotex (Italy) 
1975 Filotex (Italy) 
1976 Sanson (Italy) 
1979 Gis Gelati (Italy) 
1980 Reynolds (Spain) 
1980 San Giacomo - Benotto (Italy) 
1981 Benotto (U.K.) 
1981 Sammontana - Benotto (Italy) 
1982 Benotto - Gipiemme - Hutchinson (USA) 
1982 Sammontana - Benotto (Italy) 
1982 Selle Italia - Chinol (Italy) 
1983 Vivi - Selle Italia - Benotto (Italy) 
1984 Ariostea (Italy) 
1985 Ariostea (Italy) 
1986 Benotto (Mexico) 
1986 Dromedario - Laminox (Italy) 
1987 Fibok - Müller (Italy) 
1988 Alba Cucine - Benotto (Italy) 
1988 Benotto (Australia) 
1989 Alba Cucine - Benotto (Italy) 
1989 Benotto - Ralf Jantzen (W. Germany) 
1989 Titanbonifica - Benotto - Sidermec (Italy) 
1990 Benotto - Ralf Jantzen (W. Germany) 
1990 Gis Gelati - Juvenes San Marino (San Marino) 
1991 Benotto - Ralf Jantzen (Germany) 
1991 Gis Gelati - Ballan (San Marino) 
1993 Nuovo Leon - Benotto (Mexico)


Vittoria Juniores 24"-21 tubular

I need one of these tubular tyres for the Benotto kid's bike.
Right now it has 2 tubulars of this type in a ridable quality, but the one in the front is tan/black and the one in the rear is tan/green, just like Vittoria's bad weather Paris-Roubaix tubulars. Of course, the non-matching tyres are not acceptable.
Already after 2 days I succeeded to get my hands on a brand new tan/black tubular and the seller was so kind to send it to me for a friendly price.
It looks like a nicely rolling tyre with a nice tread as we know it from lots of other Vittoria tubulars. The width is just nice for "all day" on-road use. Not the very narrow, fragile, (almost or completely) smooth tread, record or time trial tubulars for smaller wheels that I already have. Just fine. It must be the small version of Vittoria Rally. First task for the Benotto (after acquiring the bike) done!

EDIT 22/Aug/2010: just won a new 26"-21 tubular on Ebay. One more to go for the 26" junior track bike!

Teka team jersey

The jersey I've been looking for so long.
Now available on Ebay. Unfortunately not 100% new and perhaps not exactly the size I want. Now waiting for information on shipping costs and hoping that there's not someone else who will snatch it.
But hey, it's a Teka jersey, Assos brand, the jersey that simply belongs to my Alan bike.

Edit 9. Aug. 2010: damn it! Got outbidden on this jersey. Did the seller try to increase the price? I didn't want to pay too much, because I wasn't too sure about the price and the jersey was really clean and nice. I prefer the white/blue version anyway. SO, I'll see if it is offered again or if another jersey will be on sale soon.

Benotto Modelo 24 Ragazzino

Finally a new blog!
Starting a new project. Again a geared road bike. This one it will certainly not fit me. Perhaps it's going to be a new ride for one of our kids, otherwise it's going to be sold.
This purchase was a bit sentimental. After buying a second hand Batavus Professional in the winter of 1978/1979, I bought my first new frame set a couple of years later. A Nickel Beige (champagne) coloured Benotto 3000. The same as the famous GIS and Sanson teams of Moser and De Vlaeminck. I owned and rode 3 of those (1 Nickel Beige, 2 red) and even had a white 5000 aero turbo (or something like that), that I sold without riding it.
So, when I discovered this little road bike with 24", I just couldn't resist.
There is still something to do, but for sure it will be fun to bring this bike in a good shape.

This is a description of the bike as it is right now:
Steel, lugless welded frame, 46 cm seat tube c-t and 46 cm top tube c-t.
I guess it's from the early 1980's (cable guide below BB-shell, marking on inside of cranks).
SunTour dropouts (rear GT)
SR Silstar cranks, 152 mm, 46T single chain ring,
5 speed multiple freewheel,
SunTour Volante rear derailleur,
36H Suzue hubs,
Benotto labeled aluminium rims for 24" tubular tyres,
Vittoria Juniores 24" tubulars (not original),
alu bars 32 cm (!) c-c with 14 cm drop,
alu quill stem 6 cm with Benotto marking,
MKS cage pedals with very small Christophe size D (?) toeclips and nylon straps,
Shimano 105 Dual Pivot brakes (not original),
SunTour Olé aero levers (not original).

- clean and grease up everything,
- remove rust from spokes, headset, etc.,
- true and tension wheels/spokes,
- glue saddle cover,
- other brake levers (short reach),
- other brakes (optional, silver looks much better),
- blue cables,
- bar tape (Benotto blue?),
- decent toe straps,
- rear tubular colour tan/black, glue both tubulars,
- other pedals like Shimano PD-T100 or Lyotard Marcel Berthet (optional),
- other head set, cartridge (optional),
- chain and multiple freewheel (optional),
- new saddle Concor junior (optional),
- indexed shifting or single speed (optional).