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I hope that I can offer some new (really new, used or really old) bike related stuff from time to time.

Form to register the dimensions of your bike

Attached is a form that you can use to register all the important data of your bicycle(s). If you measure you bike, download, print and fill out the form and store it well, it may be a great help if you want to build a new bike, rebuild your bike after maintenence, etc.
Note that this is not a geometry chart of your frame, but it contains all the important data of your fully equipped bike, to get your position right.
Saddle height, front/aft position, reach, handlebar height, etc.

SOLD: LOOK Ergostem

Used, but good condition.
Some usual corrosion and chipped plating on bolts but functions well.

Dura Ace rear track hub 28H

It took me a while to find an affordable 28 hole rear track hub, but yesterday I won one on Ebay Germany.
Vintage Shimano Dura Ace high flange. It was a complete rear wheel, but to save some money for postage, I asked the seller to send me the hub and sprocket only. He can keep rim and tubular in exchange for the effort.
This rear hub will be laced up with a new 26" Mavic GL330 tubular rim. The Giant road bike with horizontal dropouts will be converted to a track bike with 26" wheels. At least I'll give it a try.