Vitus CL 1 mountainbike

And the second MTB project!
Despite the rough and dull aluminium frame parts, the condition is better that the Alan Carbonio.
This will be a wonderful build. I've found a nice donor bike in good condition: a Giant Escaper with a full Shimano Deore LX group set.

There's a lot of polishing to be done, both parts and frame kit. Everything has to be clean, but I'm not going to "Ray Dobbins" this stuff. All parts should stay original and also this bike should be able to go into the woods and into the dirt. I don't have showroom bikes.

Note: the black piece in the seat stay is just a cover. There's no suspension.

Seat Tube 47 cm center to center = 49 cm center to top (19")
Virtual top tube length approx. 55 cm.
Seat tube diameter 31.8 mm (FD clamp size)
Seat Post size approx. 27.2 mm
Head Set 1" threaded
Cable routing below top tube and below down tube / BB shell (running through a rail in bottom of top- and down tube, down tube covered with a plastic cap)
BB shell 1.37x24tpi threading (british), width 68 mm.
130 mm OLD
Cantilever brakes only (rear for regular rim brake or optional U-Brake below chain stays)
For 26"wheels.