San Marco Rolls saddle

When I want to use a saddle that was used during my first years as a racer, I should definitely use a Cinelli Unicanitor with a black leather cover. In 1979, that was the ultimate racing saddle. The first saddle with a plastic shell, padding and a leather cover. I don't remember exactly, but in 1980 or '81, San Marco came with the revolutionary model "Concor". I think still nobody knows if it was named after the supersonic Concorde aeroplane Concorde or the beak of a condor, but for sure the shape was and still is remarkable. I bought one or two, I liked them, and it must have been for stupid fashion reasons that I never bought one again. Anyway, it's clear that fashion became important in bike business, and good evidence was the next San Marco saddle, Rolls. The "bling-bling" saddle with "gold" plated metal pieces in the back and on the nose was what everybody suddenly wanted. I remember well, the first Rolls I saw was on Erik Breukink's bike. I think it was in Wesepe, during the yearly race there. Although heavy (weight didn't seem to be a big issue in those days), Rolls was a popular saddle and certainly not because of the looks. The feel was very good, thanks to or despite the width. For several years, it was also the nr. 1 saddle for women.
It's because I still have 2 pieces and that I don't want to pay too much for a Unicanitor or Concor, initially I will put a Rolls on my classic track bike. My saddles are discoloured by the sun and by use, so they are brownish now. I will try to "paint" one saddle black with special leather paint. See how it comes out. When it's not a success, I can always try to buy a Concor or Unicanitor, but especially the last one costs a fortune, when it's in good condition. The picture below shows a Rolls before painting.