LOOK Ergostem

Again, NOT a new component for my vintage track bike.
But during my search after nice vintage parts and other track stuff, I coincidentally see some other bargains. I've been after a LOOK Ergostem for a while, but only because it may be handy sometimes. Not because I really need it. I always had the idea when I could grab one for EUR 20.- or so, I would take it, but at auction sites, people easily pay EUR 80.- or 90.- for a used one. I do not remember exactly, but it must have been a lucky shot when I Googled and found an Ergostem on a website of a regular bike shop not too far away. Between "special offers", there was a brand new one for just EUR 20.-. Unbelievable, so I contacted the shop and ordered it online. For an additional EUR 8.50 I got it delivered 3 days later.

First, I wanted to use it for another project: my little son's first mountain bike, a Giant 24". The bike is still too big for him, but when he grows up, be can ride it for a few years. And that's when an adjustable stem becomes convenient. All other adjustable stems are not really adjustable, because the adjustment range is very small. But the LOOK Ergostem can be adjusted from 0 - 15 cm. reach. And it looks good! Lots of professional time trial bikes and track bikes (LOOK!) use Ergostems.
Because I had just bought a fixed quill type stem for the MTB (minimal offset, stainless steel shaft, alu head, as mostly used on cheaper Dutch touring bikes), assembled it on the Giant, and forgot about Ergostems. And then I suddenly got one.

There is a chance that the Ergostem WILL be used on the track bike. The adjustable stem is the ultimate tool to adjust the bike perfectly. So, before having the new track bike ready, I may test it on the track once. Just some regular stuff on it to have the bike rideable. With the Ergostem I can find out the best riding position, handlebars position and stem length. After that I will switch over to the corresponding Cinelli 1A stem length and height.