Vittoria Corsa CX tubular tires

Yesterday I bought a new item of this classic road tubular tire via EBay. Maybe you cannot call this a vintage item, because it's still in production and still a top tubular. But it's a classic product, because it was already a standard item during the early 80's (and perhaps earlier). First, Clément Criterium was the nr. 1 tubular, but when Clément slowly faded away, Vittoria's reputation improved and the Corsa CX took over the leading position.
During the years, the tubular developed a bit, but even the old Corsa CX is still a top product.
Besides the CX, there were tubulars with different tread, like the CS (time trial, track) and CG (more severe weather conditions).
Officially no dedicated track tires, but the CX and CS are excellent products to use on the velodrome, as long as the cross section is 22 or 23 mm. The Cronometro versions are even lighter and more supple, but a bit too luxurious for training.
My latest "problem" is: where do a find a similar tubular, because I want same tires front and rear. Enough Corsa CX's around, but the original colour (black tread, tan walls) are not produced any longer.

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