Alan Record Carbonio MTB

Am I getting insane? Starting with a track bike project and ending with an MTB? Yes, it's a strange world. But I like bikes of all kinds.
I've always had something special with Alan bikes, although I never owned one. Untill I started collecting and building up retro bikes and my 1st classic track bike was an Alan.
In the meantime I've built track bikes, cyclocross bikes, road bikes and this time it's going to be an (why not?) MTB.
I had the opportunity to buy a rare carbon Alan MTB, mainly equipped with Deore XT parts. Unfortunately it had the unavoidable crack in one of the head lugs (only a little one), but also a hole in the right hand chain stay. I was a bit upset, but it made the seller lowering the price. After all, it's still a nice Alan with  nearly complete group set, so no bad deal at all.

Now I've stripped the bike and ordered new stickers for the restauration. This winter I will try to clean everything, repair the hole and slowly build up the bike.
It's gonna be awesome.

Seat Tube 43 cm center to center = 45 cm center to top (nearly 18")
Top Tube 45 cm, virtual top tube length approx. 56 cm.
Seat tube diameter approx. 33.3 mm (FD clamp size)
Seat Post size approx. 30.0 mm
Head Set 1-1/8" threaded
Handlebar stem 25.4 mm quill
Cable routing below BB shell
Italian BB threading
Cantilever brakes only
For 26"wheels.

Eddy Merckx Podio shoes

Eddy Merckx Podio road racing shoes, size 44, to be matched with Podio pedals.
These shoes have a unique hole pattern for the cleats and the correct cleats are already attached.

Due to the special sole design, it shoeld be easier to walk on these shoes in comparison with other cleated road racing shoes.
Usually I wear shoe size #43 and this is #44. These are a bit too large, but I was told that the shoes are very narrow, so I think I can ride them.