Campagnolo SGR pedals

Campagnolo's own attempt to make clipless pedals. As Campagnolo did a few times in those days, it was completely over-enigeered. Lots of featers and functions, but not suitable for a product like a road racing bicycle. Typically Campagnolo: beautiul design, horrendous function. More or less the same as other stuf from that era: Delta brakes, Syncro-I shifters, MTB gruppo, ...
I got one of the first testable samples and I took them out as soon as I could. But soon it became clear, that the shoes had to stay on the bike, whenever you tried to get off from the bike. So, instead of clicking out, you had to unlace the shoes and walk away on socks.
A summary of the pedal features:
The Campagnolo SGR is more than just a simple component and in keeping with the latest technology from Campagnolo.
The SGR is a true machine in itself. Concealed within the pedal body are three separate mechanisms: the adjustable release tension, the adjustment of lateral freeplay and Campagnolo’s patented “Easy Fitting System”.
Thanks to the technically innovative “Easy Fitting System” the pedal will maintain a horizontal position after the shoe has been disengaged. This feature eliminates the need to “kick” the pedal up when engaging the shoe guaranteeing fast, easy entry whether in a tightly bunched peloton or on a crowded city street. As soon as the shoe is engaged the pedal is free to rotate.
The second mechanism allows one to adjust the amount of lateral freeplay the shoe has on the pedal. This lateral movement can be adjusted from 0 degrees (shoe completely locked) up to a maximum of 5 degrees of float.
A third mechanism uses a 4mm allen screw to easily adjust the tension of the release spring.
The Campagnolo SGR pedals feature Campagnolo’s new “Triple Bearing System” supporting a hardened chromemoly axle. The body is made of Avional aluminium and all internal parts are sealed from the elements. The pedal can be easily lubricated via two lube ports on the underside of the pedal.