ALAN Super Record Pista - II

Yes, the deal is closed!
It's going to be the ALAN Super Record Pista 57x57cm that I was after. I'll get it together with a Campagnolo seat post and a Campagnolo Pista headset. It's still at the current/former owner in Pordenone, Italy, but I hope to have it end of May.
Old decals have to be removed, parts checked, frame cleaned, lugs polished, new decals applied, etc.
Don't know when it was exactly made, but it was used during the 6 days of Milano in 1983, so it's at least 25 years old. It was used by Italian champion Pierangelo Zorzetto, team G.S. Caneva.

This is how it should look like with all the wrong stuff removed, frame polished, new decals, pantographed seatpost. Note: my frame will be bigger. This is another frame, photoshopped, with the correct style decals.