Keywin pedals

Keywin pedals are to be considered to be one of the lightest available.
The construction and retaining mechanism is not just a Look-copy and the contact surface is pretty large.
Oh, these pedals are from New Zealand, also pretty off in the cycling world.

Ofmega Mistral or CX road hubs

Ofmega CX hubs are not only used for the CX group set, but also for the Mistral group set for road bikes.
Here's a nice pair, new in box. Not the nicest finish you will ever see, but the skewers are nice and it has industrial bearings.

Ofmega Sintesi pedals

Ofmega Sintesi pedals are used for the Mistral group set for road bikes.
No the most beautiful, but more or less in line with the design of the derailleurs.
Some kind of "aero" and adjustable toe clips.

Ofmega Mistral front derailleur braze-on type

Some new Ofmega Mistral parts to complete the Mistral group set for my road bike project.
I already have all shifting components and a crank set.
Because I'm considering a frame set with a braze-on fitting for the front derailleur, I had to look for another front deraileur. and this was not so easy to find.
But thanks to  good friend, here it is!