Saddle 3ttt # 30 Superleggero

I've been looking for a 3ttt saddle for a while. These saddles are pretty rare and usually go for serious money. I've been lucky and won a very nice "SL" from Ebay and it was quite affordable. Not new but in very, very good condition.
I must admit, I cannot remember that I ever saw a 3ttt saddle in the flesh. Stems and bars are very common, but seat posts and saddles didn't and don't show up that often. But, as with all other "vintage" 3ttt parts, they come very close to top end Cinelli products, both in appearance as in features and performance. So, I have all reasons to believe that this is a good and comfortable saddle.
From the 3ttt catalogue:
"#30 saddle. Superleggero (superlight). The ultimate saddle, same highest construction as No. 20 but comes with beautiful alloy frame, makes this 3ttt the state of the art for racing saddles. Weight: 290gr."
Earlier I've mentioned that 3ttt goods were a bit poorer than Cinelli, at least the image was. But in case of this SL saddle, I think it's certainly not worse than any Cinelli Unicanitor, if not better and nicer.
Now I'm in the possession of a 3ttt pista stem, SL saddle, Gimondi bars reserved and waiting to be picked up. The only missing element is a good 3ttt Mod. Record or Competizione seat post, preferably 27.2 mm. I've got to stay very alert to finish this 3ttt mini project.
Together with the Campagnolo track wheels that I already have and the Campagnolo Pista crank set, also waiting to be picked up, it's a solid base of the next track bike. Just need a very, very nice frame set now.