Iscaselle Giro d'Italia

This is one of the nicest bike saddles around, in my opinion. I remember that it came out (somewhere late 1980s), put it on my Gazelle road bike, but my bum didn't like it. I worked for a bike company, got most of my stuff for free, and could assemble another new saddle soon after.
The shape is extremely round. Perhaps some people like it, but I didn't. I've seen very few (or maybe nothing at all) in the pelotons meanwhile, so more riders had the same opinion. Another reason could be that Iscaselle was never one of the most popular saddle brands. And racers are extremely brand aware/sensitive.
I bought this saddle from Poland (!), pretty new and hardly used (if ever), so the condition is very nice. I wanted to dye the leather upper a bit more black, since is coloured a bit brown during the years. I had done this before with Rolls and Cinelli Unicanitor saddles, so I knew that it would be okay.
However, I spilled some leather dye on the metal pieces and especially on the back part it was hard to remove it. When I tried white spirit, Silvo silver polish and Belgom Alu, the "gold" colour started to come off, but the black paint remained.
Just a warning in case someone else is trying to do the same...

Shimano toeclips for PD-7400

Bargain of the week! After searching and bidding a couple of weeks, I "won" 2 pair of Shimano toeclips, steel, size L.
The best is, that it was for a very low mount and that I could pass the used set (of course) to a good friend and keep the new set for my own collection.
A perfect match with the PD-7400 Dura Ace pedals and the SM-PD64 cleats. The pedals I bought had M size toe clips included, but these are too small for my 42/43 (8/9) shoe size.

SOLD: Shimano PD-T100 pedals (another set)

Used, but in good condition.
Plastic plates and axle end caps included.
Very small scuff marks on dust caps (axle end caps, both caps are there).
Pretty rare Shimano platform pedals. Possible to use with plastic plates, e.g. for regular shoes or sneakers, but also without the plates for cycling shoes with slotted cleats. Originally marketed as Triathlon pedals, introduced in 1986.
Can be used with or without standard toeclips and straps.
More about this type of pedals here.
Toeclips included (Bierreci, BRC, steel, size L, made in Italy, steel, rusty, must be polished), reflectors included (easy to unscrew and disassemble), no toe straps!
Price EUR --- excl. postage.
More pictures here.