Tie Reynolds for sale

Exclusive tie from "ages" ago.
NOS, in original wrapping.
100% polyester
I don't think that these have ever been for sale. Just for employees or business relations.
Reynolds: Dark blue with yellow and green lines
Gazelle and Raleigh ties on picture = sold
EUR 15.- each, excl. shipping.

SOLD: Mavic TT/bullhorn/pursuit handlebars for sale

Width 42 cm c-t-c
Used on my time trial bike (road)
The bars have been drilled for brake cables, but the holes can be covered by bar tape.
Mavic stickers almost disappeared.

Vinyl decals applied

Finally I got someone to make my decals. It's a nightmare to find someone who is able to do this and for a reasonable price. Of course, I just wanted 1 or 2 sets and that is not really interesting for regular sticker makers.
These people made it happen: http://www.texelsigns.nl

The idea with home made waterslides didn't work out well for the large decals. Since it is difficult to cut out the tiny detailed stuff with scissors freehand, I used a black background. The contrast between the black paint and the decals was too big.

Now all decals have been cut out of white vinyl foil. Some attempts in vinyl didn't work out, because the design is very detailed and it requires i-cutting. Freehand cutting of vinyl was no option.
Quite some work to make the final artwork (I worked out many versions including colours, printing, multiple layers ink or vinyl, etc) and appearantly not easy to cut. It's a combination of filled letters and outlines (less than 1 mm).

I've just applied the stuff and clearcoat has to follow. I'm happy with the result. It's about 99% of what I had in mind (okay, still the easiest and cheapest version) and it came out nicely.
The coloured Columbus frame and fork decals are home made waterslides (decal paper for a laser printer).

Downtube, right:

Downtube, right - detail:

Downtube, left:

Downtube, left - detail:

Toptube, right:

Toptube, left: