Colours and artwork Reco

The "new" Reco track frame is in the paintshop for powdercoating and will become glossy black with a layer of clearcoat.
Meanwhile, I've tried to come up with a suitable "skin design".
It's rather complicated to produce, also because my contact for printing and cutting vinyl decals has less possibilities than I thought.
Now I've found someone else who is trying to make the white decals (outlined letters and full white letters) in vinyl. I hope that it's all done automatically and that it comes out nicely.
For the printed part of the decals I'm going to try something new.
I've ordered decal paper that can be printed on a laserjet and inkjet (colour) printer. The negative aspect is, that I have to cut the decals by hand. This makes it hard to do difficult cutouts. When everything works out well, I have water slide decals in full colour that can easily be applied on the freshly coated frame. A light layer of clear coat has to be enough to protect the decals.

Planned components new Reco track bike

Frame: Reco (Regter Construction), mixture of Columbus SL and Reynolds steel
Front fork: Reco (Regter Construction), mixture of Columbus SL and Reynolds steel
Head set: Shimano Dura Ace HP-7410 cartridge type
Bottom Bracket set: Shimano Dura Ace BB-7600 English threading NJS
Crank set: Shimano Dura Ace FC-7600 165 mm, NJS, 52T and 50T 3/32" chain ring
Pedals: Shimano Dura Ace PD-7700 SPD-R
Sprocket: Shimano Dura Ace SS-7600, 3/32", 14T, 15T, 16T
Seat post: Shimano Dura Ace SP-7410, 27.2 mm
Saddle: Selle San Marco Concor Light
Handlebar stem: Cinelli 1A, 14 cm => changed to 3ttt Record 14 cm
Handlebars: Cinelli 65-42 => changed to 3ttt Super Competizione Gimondi 44 o-o bars
Handlebar tape: ??? black or white => Bike Ribbon Eleganza black
Chain: SRAM PC870 3/32"
Wheels: Miche Pistard WR Clincher, Navigator Pista tubular
Tyres: Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp black with Michelin Aircomp latex tubes or Continental Tempo 22 tubulars
Alternative wheels:
Mavic Comete disc wheel rear with Shimano CS-MX66 sprocket 15T or 16T.
Front wheel Shimano HB-7700 hub, FIR Antara rim, 28 spokes.
Tubulars Continental Tempo 22.

30 years back in time

Just the hard shell helmet, the heart rate monitor, gloves and the hairy legs are not period correct. But with these shoes, acryllic jersey and bike, I look like a stranger on this super track in Apeldoorn.

SOLD: Track parts for sale

Set Sugino track cranks, 165 mm
BCD 151 mm
With 5 pcs Campagnolo Record chain rings
- 2 narrow rings, for 3/32" and 1/8" chain: 50, 54T
- 3 wide rings, for 1/8" chain only: 49, 51, 52T
Normal wear.

Great set of track wheels. Only used on velodromes.
Famous Mavic 520 hubs with replaceable industrial bearings,
Rigida SX 100 dark grey rims for clincher (no brake wear),
36 spokes, tied and soldered,
Pariba 20X622 tyres

See other blogs for more parts for sale.
- FSA Pro Track chain ring 52T BCD 144mm for 1/8" chain - NEW
- Several items
- Campagnolo aluminium toeclips size L - NEW

New project Reco

For very little money I've just bought another complete track bike. It's exactly my size and almost the same as the ALAN. I bought it from a former track & road racer who I know pretty well and lives nearby. He stopped racing some years ago and now he sold all his stuff. For a reasonable "frame only" price, I got the complete bike. By selling the redundant parts, I can pay the additions costs for this project and maybe even earn something. Almost for sure is that this bike isn't gonna cost me anything extra.
I'm still not 100% sure how I will equip this bike, but it will be difficult to call it "vintage". It's going to be a nice and good everyday track bike. Not necessarily good old Campagnolo and similar stuff from the 1970's and 1980's. The frame is pretty old, but for the rest it's going to be more modern.
The frame is from steel Columbus tubing. This "Reco" frame was originally built by Ben Regter (Apeldoorn) for Aart van de Kruisweg. He won several national championships on it. Later it was sold to someone else and repainted in the actual (ugly) colours.
The bike will be completely stripped. After that, I'll have frame and fork shot blasted and powder coated in plain glossy black. Hopefully porter7474 from London can help me with new vinyl stickers.
The parts of the "old" bike?
The wheels are lovely. I hope that I can get enough money for these beauties. Especially the Mavic 520 hubs with industrial bearings are great. Perhaps I'm going to sell my Miche clincher wheels and keep these Mavics with Rigida rims.
The crank set is a bit odd (Sugino with 151mm BCD), but it's 165 mm and it came with 5 Campagnolo Record rings. I'm trying to sell it, but if I don't get enough, I'll keep them. I'll never gonna get a cheaper pair of 165 mm track cranks. Good on smaller, steeper tracks and good for the kids in future. Unfortunately not compatible with the Campagnolo chain sets I already have.
The Seat post is a 27.2 mm Campagnolo Record, so, that will stay in this bike.
The handlebars are nice Cinelli 65-42 without grooves, so that's also ideal for this track bike.
The nice Cinelli 1R stem is 13 cm, so, just a bit too short for me. Hope that I can sell it.
The saddle is a very nice, black Selle San Marco Rolls, but I think that I will sell it and put a Concor saddle in its place.
Any new parts? Probably yes.
Perhaps the Campagnolo C-Record cranks that I've bought earlier this year, otherwise a set of almost new 165 mm Dura Ace cranks that are up for sale.
Black tyres like Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp, of which I already have one and seem to be quite well on the track. Otherwise I can use my black Navigator wheels with black Continental tubulars.
I can still choose between a 14 cm Cinelli 1A or a 3ttt stem of the same length. Both are in my garage.
Dura Ace SPD-R pedals don't match well with Campagnolo cranks, but that's just an emotional thing. So, easy to get over it. 2 pairs in my garage.
Topped with new black or white (cork or plastic?) bar tape, the new track bike will be ready later this track season.