SOLD: Adidas Pista racing shoes, size 44 2/3

SOLD: Adidas Pista racing shoes, size 44 2/3
NIB - New In Box
Size: see photo of box.
Compatible with Adidas and "Look" cleats. Shimano cleats SM-PD64 for Dura Ace pedals PD-7400 will also fit.
Price excl. postage.

I bought these via Ebay and wasn't sure if they would fit. The size is 44 2/3 and my regular shoe size is only 42 to 43. But Adidas cycling shoes usually are pretty small, so there was a reasonable chance that they would fit. After trying them on, the conclusion is that I can ride them, but they're just a littlebit too large.
I can't decide if I will keep them, just for the exclusiveness, or if I will sell these very rare and exclusive track cycling shoes.
In the past, around 1986, I've used the popular Adidas mesh road cycling shoes (Merckx Comp, the ones with the white and red stripes)and I loved them. Also, my Systeme 3 shoes feel fine, although these could have been a bit larger.