Selle Italia Flite Titanium

Introduced in 1990 and already a classic in the same decennium. One of the first super lightweight saddles with a minimalistic design, slim profile, reduced friction area.
It was a quite different saddle and you liked or hated the feel. I must say, I have not done extended test rides, but I wasn't very enthousiastic about the first impression. A decade later, I've used the TransAm version with the hole for quite some time, but also that is certainly not my all time favourite saddle.
Anyway, the first Flite Titanium (yellow Flite logos on the nose, white Titanium names on the sides and Selle Italia in red on the back) is a real icon and very desired by collectors.

Arius perforated cyclocross saddle, Fangio branded

This "Fangio" saddle is the same as my other perforated cyclocross saddle, Soffatti Professionale branded.
Both are made in Spain by Arius and derived from the model Special Gran Carrera.
Fangio used to be a Belgian bike brand, also sponsoring small pro teams and labeling Alan frames with Fangio name.
So, it's not that strange that Fangio had some saddles made with their own logo for cyclocross bikes.