Superia Gemini Cross - part II

I've picked up the bike nearly a week ago, so now I know what I'm talking about.
Actually, the frame size is 57 cm (centre - top). I haven't done a ride yet, but it looks like the seat tube length is okay. Just put the saddle a few cm up. For sure, the hole for the brake cable will be too high. I'll need another seat post or at least drill a second hole.
The frame material is Ishiwata 022. According to the old Ishiwata catalogues it takes a 27.2 mm seat post, but the actual size is 26.4 mm. A bit strange. Either Superia has been creative with decals or Ishiwata has supplied several set of 022 tubing. Like Reynolds did with their 531: double butted 531c or plain gauge 531. Another possibility is that Superia has mixed some tubing sets. I think I'll never find out.
Superia is not famous for its beauty, but from the practical point of view, it's an ideal cyclocross bike. When Reinier Groenendaal joined the Skala team in the 1980s, I spoke to him many times. He had extremely good experience with Superia and for Gazelle it was a challenge to build good bikes for Rein. A tough guy... For sure, Superia designers and frame builders knew what they were doing. The cable guides, the cheap but wide fork crowns, lots of mud clearance, all braze ons at the right position: it al looks very simple, but it's so hard to get it perfect.
The chain set (Ofmega Cyclocross, Competizione) is beautiful. The 45 teeth chain ring is too large, but I'll see if I can get a 42T instead. The double guide plates are original. The FAG bottom bracket set is from later date and could be too long.
I'm very happy with the Sun Tour Power Ratchet bar end shifter, but although the Sun Tour VX GT rear mech is original, I might replace it for something else.
Dia Compe 960 cantilever brakes are fine and period correct. The operation feels quite heavy. I may be able to improve that with better adjustment, spring tension and cables. Otherwise, Mafacs will be a good alternative. Mafac cantis were always considered to be the better or even the best cantis and Dia Compe the poor man's stuff. The current aero style Dia Compe brake levers don't belong on this bike and they have to go. But it's pretty hard to find proper non-aero brake levers. I have to do my best to find a few pairs.
3ttt bars and stem can stay, although I have to check if the stem length is okay.
The Ariake (with NJS mark!) saddle looks horrible. For sure I will replace that one. I'm thinking of an Arius Gran Carrera and drill it myself.
The Shimano 600 wheels with tubulars may be the original wheel set, but there's a lot of corrosion. That means that I have to find 2 new wheel sets, that I can put in this Superia as well as in the Alan cross bike: a set to show off and a set for real use. The current 5 speed cassette is a bit poor; number of gears could be 6 and the range a bit wider. The tubulars (Clément Grifo 61 front and Pneumant Cross Champion rear) are in bad condition and will go into the bin. Wolber Cross 28 Extra tubulars may come into place.
Finally the pedals: road pedals, so not good. I've got to complete my set of Lyotard 460D with double Christophe toe clips size L.
Summary: frame set and some parts are okay, but there's a lot of work to do. The goal is to have it ready to ride by autumn 2013.