Reydel Pro saddle

Over a year ago I wrote about the Reydel GTi saddle I had found. Now I'm the proud owner of a Reydel Pro! Really rare and hard to find. I have the strong feeling, that this is the type of saddle that Sean Kelly and his team mates have used in the 1980s.

Other Reydel saddles I've seen on the web (besides Pro and GTi) are cheapish, all plastic bike saddles. I guess these were typical french OEM products for Peugeot and others. Other bike entousiasts link the name Reydel to cheap bicycle stuff, not to high end pro materials.

As far as I could trace back, Reydel supplied saddles to Jean de Gribaldy's racing teams in 1983 and 1984. Maybe also in other seasons, but at least in these 2 years, the Reydel name was present on the team jerseys and the team photos. In 1983 as SEM - France-Loire or SEM - Mavic - Reydel (looks like jerseys were changed for the Tour de France, quite usual in those days); in 1984 as Skil - Reydel - SEM - Mavic.

The Pro saddle itself doesn't look very special. The saddle I bought was hardly used, but (as with so many older and even newer saddles) the leather cover is separating from the base. At the whole circumference, the glue lost its function. A matter of buying a package of Bison Kit glue and fix the cover again. No big deal.
Same for the cheapish Reydel sticker on the back. Typically french?
Whenever I have the posibility to start a french bike project (I hope to get a Vitus 992 frame kit once), this is the right saddle.