Lyotard 460D pedals

Before 1990, when Shimano introduced Shimano Pedalling Dynamics (SPD), there were no such things as we call clipless pedals (or click pedals) for offroad use. People had to use rat trap pedals, either with toe clips and straps or without. Mud and dirt proof foot retention systems were not available.

Lyotard 460A pedals were the standard in cyclocross, but also used in other cycling disciplines. Lightweight, grippy teeth, good mud clearance. Not very well sealed, but good enough for one season and the bearings could easily be cleaned, greased up and adjusted. And these pedals were cheap as chips, DFL 10.- a pair or so, if I remember correctly. Maybe a bit more. For that amount, every cyclocross rider could afford to wear out or damage 1 or 2 pairs each winter season. In 'cross, you easily hit a tree root, rock or other obstacle with your pedal and the front plate of the pedals bends easily. As mentioned, no big deal. Bend it back when the ride is over and get a new pair of pedals if the damage is too bad or the season is over.

Of course, on a real cyclocross bike, these pedals were equipped with toe clips and straps. Preferably Christophe toe clips and Alfredo Binda straps, although that didn't make a lot of sense, because the straps were nearly never pulled tight. For example, Christophe straps would also do.
A real freak would tune all parts to the limit. More about that in another blog in a couple of weeks.