Status update Alan Super Cross

As mentioned before, the Alan is ridable but not off-road ready. Besides that, some problems have appeared and need to be solved before taking the bike outside again. Below is a pic of the bike before the maiden ride on the road. Please understand that the bike wasn't ready and not as I intended to build the bike, but it was just a quick action to have a ridable bike at that time. The most serious issue is that the front fork is not reliable. One of the cantilever brake bosses is loose; a matter that was hidden/covered up by the previous owner. Yes, can be risky. Anyway, that same brought me another fork, but unfortunately, that one is too long and the threading is too short. So, the to-do list is:

Forks: Cut approx 20mm extra thread or find another fork, 200mm steerer tube.

Bar end shifter: Currently a Shimano indexed shifter, but this is not period correct, brand-wise, emotionally and technically (in index mode) not matching with the Campagnolo rear derailleur. Will be replaced with a Suntour micro-ratchet, spring loaded bar end shifter. Pretty rare now, but very common in the 1980s.

Brake levers: Aero type Shimano Dura Ace brake levers have to be replaced by some non-aero types like older type Shimano, Modolo, Campagnolo, Mafac, CLB, Suntour, Galli, etc.

Wheels: Now nice wheels with Mavic tubular rims, but Shimano 8/9-speed cassette hubs. Will be replaced by period correct wheels with Campagnolo or Mavic hubs for boss-type freewheel (no cassette). Preferably tubular rims, because I have new Wolber CX tubulars. An additional pair of clincher wheels will be nice for "daily" use, because clinchers are more practical (repair a flat) and I can keep the tubular wheels in perfect showroom condition. Cyclocross parts tend to wear, you know? It's no track racing.

Freewheel: I will need a multiple freewheel, ideally a Maillard 6 speed, 13 - 26 T.

Seat post: Another Campagnolo 25.0 mm seat post will be handy, because I only have 1 piece in full length or both my track and CX bike. If possible an Alan-pantographed one!

Pedals: Got only 1 (new) Lyotard rat trap pedal! I need a second one or a complete set.

Toe clips: Same as the pedals: only 1 piece available, but it's a nice, new Christophe double toe clip. Need an extra double or 2 single toe clips, size L (?).

Straps: No straps available, so I need a new pair.