Vittoria shoes size 43

When the new bike is ready (hopefully around September/October 2009), I will ride it on the track. Of course it is not stylish or classy to ride such a nice bike with modern hi tech clothing.
I think I cannot avoid to ride with a modern helmet (a classic Cinelli or Rogelli hair net would look much better) , but shoes and clothing also have to be more or less in the same style as the bike.
Such a pitty that I threw away all the wool and acryl stuff 30 years ago. And the Detto, Rivat and Sidi leather perforated shoes.
But, even when there is still no vintage track frame, I already bought a pair of shoes. I saw these on the German " TOUR" forum and I guess that the shoes will fit me. If not, I will sell them again.
Although they're probably not really classic (threads for Look cleats), these shoes have the right look and they're Italian. The right style and hopefully the right size.
I just have to take them to the local Mr. Minit key and shoe service to get the heel protector / anti-slip repaired. A pair of TA Jacques Anquetil steel cleats will complete them.

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