Alfredo Binda toestraps

I've just acquired a set of white leather Alfredo Binda toestraps.
From my own experience I can tell that there is just one decent brand for toestraps: Binda. Long time ago, when there were no clipless pedal systems, everybody raced cage type pedals with toeclips and straps. Whenever you tried a cheaper set of straps, you quickly found out that, when you pulled hard with your feet, your straps were coming loose and so did your feet. So, no Christophe, Lapize or another type of leather straps. Not to mention plastic or nylon...
Also Alfredo Binda tried to do some product innovation. Once I've tried the steel mesh or Kevlar reinforced leather straps, but after that I stuck to the basic Binda's.
I needed 1 or 2 pairs Alfredo Binda per year, but in those days I rode all season with one single bike. Other straps wore much faster and besides that you had the problem of self-loosening.
Note: almost all toestraps, even very old ones, are well suited to fix your bike on a bike rack behind or on top of your car, to bind a spare tubular under your saddle, to keep your jeans out of the chain, or to hold your spare wheels together.
For incidental track use, these straps will last for years, I hope. I'm not sure if the white color will go well with the new frame, but white is quite neutral. And because I'm not a 1 km time trialist or match sprinter, one set at a time will be enough for my bike.

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