ALAN Super Record Pista

This frame is on my demand list.
When I started cycling in 1979, ALAN was popular.
The special ALuminium ANodised frame (tubes threaded and bonded together, not welded or brazed) was lightweight and had a very special appearanced.First, there were only silver ALANs, later there were blue, red and black frames as well.
The road frames were available in two kinds: the more economical Competition, with the seat stays bolted to the seat lug, and the Super Record with the seat stays integrated in the seat lug.
ALAN was well known as a road bike, but even better known as a cyclocross bike. There were many re-badged ALANs.
Jos Lammertink (Dutch Nation Champion amateur roadracer) was member of the famous Amstel Bier team, equipped with ALAN those days. Jos, a very strong and tall guy, also tried track racing (individual persuit) and he was the first racer I ever saw on an ALAN track bike.
Jos was not very successfull on the track and his bike was also not so suitable for this occasion. ALAN used to be no. 1 in cyclocross for many years, but was never the brand with the best reputation and quality in road racing. Especially not when it came to tall riders.
But let's honest: nowadays an ALAN (and especially a track version) will stand out in the crown for its beauty, odd looks and high classic value.
Let's hope it will work out well for me and that one frameset will come to my home.
There would be easier bikes to assemble, because an ALAN does not use the most common components. It needs at least a special size seat post, Italian threaded BB cups and perhaps some other special things.
The photo shows one of the number (!) of ALAN Pista frame sets that is offered by an Italian Blogger. I guess I will need a bigger size than this, but it seems that it is still available.
When it will be mine, for sure it will get other decals. I think it will be the second generation. So, not the ones in plain white or black, but the ones with the rainbow-backing. It will cost a bit extra to get these (imitation) stickers or decals, but it's worth it. The nice thing with an ALAN is, even when it's very old, it is not necessary to respray it. The anodised surface should be nice forever. Maybe some cleaning or polishing is needed, but I can save a few hundreds of € for the painjob.
Fingers crossed.


Djee-Djee said...

Check out my blog and my project ;)

Djee-Djee said...

Gepolijst met Belgom Alu, in principe hoefde alleen de lugs gepolijst te worden. De buizen zagen er al goed uit, hij was overigens overgespoten.

Het balhoofdstelsel wat er bij mij op zit is van gipiemme als ik me niet vergis..en past gewoon een reguliere op..sowieso campy..

Lee Emerick said...

where did you find those alan decals? I have a 84(?) Alan Super Record Carbonio with peeling decals that I'd love to replace.

HarrieH said...

Hello Lee,

You can reed it here:
Ordered at: