Progetto Pista Vintage

After completing my Giant track bike and racing it on the brand new Omnisportcentrum velodrome in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, I considered to start a new project.
From the 1980's I know that track racing is fun and it has a good influence on other cycling disciplines. Besides the activity of cycling, I also love cycles. Road, MTB, cyclocross, but also track. A track bike has the beauty of simplicity. No distraction of cables, bottle holders, pumps and other accessories. Just a frame, fork, drivetrain, steering components and something to sit on will do the job on a track.
This simplicity or nudity also makes that track bikes hardly devellop or evolve. A bike of the 70's or 80's is still very competitive and the quality is still very good (when well maintained). Besides that, the value just increases!
Given the fact that the Giant frame is too small for me and that it's a weird mixture of new (Giant) parts and classic / vintage items (Campagnolo cranks), I decided to look for something different.
A classic frame and fork, that fit me well, will be equipped with classic components of good quality. Some of these parts I already have for decades, others I have to collect. It's fun to look for the right components, to get them, build up the bike and, of course, ride it on the velodrome.

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