T.A. Ref. 41 cleats on Adidas cyclocross shoes

Although cyclocross shoes have a treaded outsole, for cycling performance it's the best to have some cleats attached to the shoes. Even when (or should I say especially because?) the toe straps all almost never pulled tight. Maybe only for a final sprint.
Cyclocrossers tend to shape, modify and tune everything they can and so they do with shoe cleats. The goal is to get the best entry into the pedals and clips as possible and to shed mud and other dirt.
I've cut of the front part of the cleat, so I could leave as much as possible from the original shoe tread. Only at the sides I had to cut away something with a utility knife. I've removed the centre parts (a bit over 1 cm, a bit more than the width of a metal file) with a hack saw and a file. This way, the cleats become lighter and mud has less chance to clog up in the cleat's grooves. Now, pedal entry is more or less ensured.
I've shortened the nails than come in the thinnest parts of the cleats and soles (centre), to avoid that these would go completely through the sole.
Then I've nailed the cleats to the soles (after I've determined, checked and double checked the exact location and angle) and secured with superglue (Loctite, Pattex or similar).