Iscaselle Tornado saddle

Another legendary saddle added to my collection: Iscaselle Tornado. Nice? Oh yes, I think so. Good, comfortable? No idea. I've never had such a saddle before and never heard anyone's opinion about it.
Then, what's so legendary about it? Well, simple. Peter Post's famous pro teams used it! As far as I could trace it back, the T.I. Raleigh - Campagnolo squad used Isca saddle in 1982 and 1983 and Panasonic - Raleigh in 1984 and maybe in 1985.
Despite the good results of the riders, the saddle company Iscaselle got very little publicity and even less extra sales. I never saw a Tornado saddle in a bike shop and also never in the peloton. Today you can notice that, because Iscaselle saddles from that age are quite rare. On Ebay you may see some Giro d'Italia's or newer production Tornados (not that typical Tornado standing out on the backside); this saddle I found at the recent "Stalen Ros" bike show and jumble in Neerkant.
So, you can say that Iscaselle made a big marketing, sales or distribution blooper: sponsoring a pro team for at least 4 years and hardly any presence in the market. How different was the situation for Selle San Marco (Concor) and Selle Italia (Turbo), but they supplied saddles to a multitude of teams. Very well possible, that the Tornado is a much better saddle that the two others, but I have to find out.