Selle Italia Turbo Special

A less successful spin-off of the Turbo saddle. Following the big hit of the early 1980s, San Marco's Rolls, it got some brass pieces at the nose and the backside of the saddle to make it stand out from the standard Turbo. Nothing more, nothing less. A nice "facelift" of the genuine Turbo saddle with some added "bling bling". I never had one till last week. So, I can't tell (yet) how it rides, but I'm pretty sure that it's exactly the same as the normal Turbo.
Besides that, it doesn't help you if you know if it suits my bum, yes or no. Every person is different and saddles are personal.


SuperOne said...

Is this saddle for sale?
How much?

Harrie Hofstede said...

I'm sorry but it's not for sale.
On the contrary, I'm still looking for more saddles.