Look PP75 pedals

Just like on my Look PP65 pedals, also no production date, year or code on these. And no type indication either.
These pedals could be Look PP75 Touring from 1988, but I'm not really sure.
They look a bit more modern, because the design is less bulky, better finish and big Look logos on the back clips. The clips are a bit smaller and pivot around an axle / Allen key bolt, that can be removed. Also different from the PP65, these pedals have no preload adjustment.
The bearing system is the same, despite the different dust caps. The hexagon design of the PP65 caps/nuts has been replaced by a sleeker, flat and round shape. Instead of a bench vice, open end wrench or adjustable wrench, a special tool has to be used to remove and install the dimpled caps. Circlip or needle-nosed pliers work very well.

NOTE: I hope the type indication is correct, because I see some strange things on The Web. Please let me know if you think that this is right or wrong. Thanks a lot.

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