Selle Bassano Vuelta saddles

My long time favourite: Selle Bassano Vuelta. I have used this type of saddle far many year. I absolutely loved them. Gazelle sold these with their own logo.
The saddles tended to weaken and showed deformation, a more curved shape. Despite that, it was still pleasant to ride. Maybe because the shape became curvy, a bit like Concor saddles.
I don't think that the first series had it, but at a certain point, the Vualta saddles came with Reynolds 531 manganese tubular steel rails. Not that someone noticed the difference, but still.
I've worn down a reasonable quantity of these saddle, so, for my collection I certainly needed one. I got 2 pieces at the same time from the same Ebay seller, both with Reynolds rails. One with yellow plastic parts and a glued leather cover, the other cheaper variant (?) with orange and a fabric (?), stapled cover.
Too bad. The later Bassano saddles were all terrible. And so are the current ones.

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