Cinelli 1A stems in black

Cinelli 1A black stem, I've been looking for some in good condition. But as much as these were used in the 1980, so hard to find these are now. Heavily scratched, drilled, worn, but never in mint condition. This was my lucky week: 2 pieces new in box, perfect 130mm length, very, very attractive price. Offered by an unknown Polish webshop, so was it too good to be true? Because it didn't cost I fortune, I decided to take the risk. And it was absolutely worth it. A Cinelli 1A stem is nothing special, but it was the overall standard in the 70s and 80s. Suddenly it became high fashion and "professional" to have a black stem, combined with aluminium coloured bars and seat post. And no, not all 3 parts in black!