Gazelle AA Special team frame

One of my wished is to build up a road bike with a Gazelle frame kit. I started my career in bike business at Gazelle's race devision, rode Gazelle frames for many years, so somehow I need to have such a bike again.
But I'm not satisfied with any Gazelle frame. I have a strong preference for AA-Special, because of the cable routing through the top tube. Not that this offers great function, but A, AB and AA frames with 3 cables guides on top of the top tube all have corrosion problems and the guides are simply too small.
Also important is the decal style. In the 2nd half of the 1980s Gazelle stopped with the elegant small rainbow stripes and switched to ugly, big stripes on forks, down tube and seat tube.
My favourite colour schemes are the older team colours Ivory 81 with 2 Baikal Blue 68 panels and the newer team colours Gazelle Blue 15 with an Ivory 81 seat tube panel.

And guess what?  2 weeks ago I bought an AA-Special in 60 cm (just 1 cm off my favourite frame size, but I can live with that) in 15/81 and the right decal style. The "Ervo Wielersport" decal on the seat tube lead me to the possibility that this could have been a former Gazelle Campagnolo team frame.
This was strengthened by the rest of the frame specs: chrome plating, double bottle bosses, frame number holder. To my surprise (or wasn't it a surprise anymore?), I discovered, that there used to be a name on the backside of the top tube, but former owner had tried to scratch it away. I had to look closely, but after a short while, I could clearly read the name: "Frank Moons". This was the proof, that this really used to be a team frame. Frank Moons was one of the team's aces in national and international classic road races.
Now it's my duty to bring this frame to its former glory. No, I won't re-paint it, since nothing can challenge the oiginal Gazelle paint and decals. But I have to build it up with classic and period correct components like Campagnolo Record and Cinelli.