Eddy Merckx Podio pedals

A second attempt of Merckx and the pedal inventor Lilian Christol to come up with a new pedal and cleat system. Maybe this 1994 design worked (I haven't tried it yet, but I've read that it works), but in the beginning, the bolt pattern of the cleats was different from all others in the market. A well know reason to fail in the market.
The pedal design and engagement system differs from Adidas Systeme 3, it looks more like Campagnolo's SGR, with the sides of the cleats sliding into the side rails of the pedals.

The nice thing about my pedals is, that I have a set of cleats, that can be attached to shoes with a Look/Shimano hole pattern.

Next job: try to find a pair of Merckx Podio shoes size 43 and matching cleats.