Superia track

This is my new Superia track frame kit. Actually it's a bit more than just a frame and fork, because it came with headset, bottom bracket and chain set and a pair of wheels, too!
The frame is, very Superia-like, built with Ishiwata 022 tubing and measures 59 cm centre to top.
Based on the colour of the frame, the decals and the components used (Dura Ace 10 mm Pitch series!) I think that this bike comes from the late 1970s. It may have been the frame of an ex pro rider, possibly riding for the 1978 or 1979 team of Marc Zeepcentrale. In those days, the Marc team was equipped with Superia bikes and hires several track specific riders and some road racers, who rode on the track as well.
Some names: Patrick Sercu, Gary Wiggins, Ferdi van den Haute, Herman van Springel.
Unfortunately, there is no frame number or initials on the frame, that may lead to the correct date or name of the rider.
Judging by the frame details, it's built quite well and it's not cheap or mass manufactured stuff. The frame is not finished like an Italian piece of art, but at least the frame builder made some effort. Lugs and tips of the blades and stays are a bit rough, but still in a nice style.
I assume that everything is still original, but that also means that there are the usual wear marks and rust. Usually, I prefer to keeps things as they are, but sometimes it may be nice to restore. So, I'm not sure yet what will happen with this Superia. In case it will be restored, it will be repainted in the original light blue Superia colour and it will be done with wet paint, not powder coated. On top of that, I have to make replicas of the original decals. That will be a challenge, because I don't think that original decals still exist and replicas are also still not available. So, right now I'm busy with collecting additional information about the Superia company as well as the products. That may lead me to some additional materials to create logos, letters, artwork, decals.