Shimano about Dura Ace 10

From Shimano’s 1981 catalogue:
The pitch revolution that has changed the world of racing ….. 10mm. Pitch Series.
Shimano's new Dura-Ace 10 Track System is the new standard among competitive bicycle components.
Dura-Ace 10 is the first major deviation from a standard that has existed in the bicycle industry since mass-production of bikes began some 100 years ago.
It was so simple: Shimano reduced the distance between the sprocket teeth from the old 1/2” to the new 10mm. dimension.
Ten millimeter pitch allows the front chainwheel and the rear sprockets to be made smaller and the chain shorter. The smaller size means less weight and more rigidity and when rotating parts are lightened acceleration is increased.
Now competitors on Dura-Ace 10 can jump out of corners more quickly and get the lead in the sprint.
Dura-Ace 1 0 track components are already the choice of the best racers in the world. John Nicholson, twice world professional sprint champion, rode to his titles on Dura-Ace 10. More and more racers are changing to the obvious advantages of using the lightest components in track racing - Dura-Ace 10.

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