Rossin Pista 50 cm

Perhaps you felt this coming up. Yes, there's going to be a Rossin Pista project. Or better, the project runs for a long time already, but just now it's clear, which bike brand it's going to be.
Earlier blogs mentioned that I made good progress. But I've been looking for a proper frame set for a long time and about 2 weeks ago I found this.
The guy who sold it reacted positively on my interest and we came to a deal. Andrea, the seller, seems to be a very nice chap from Milano, Italy. He wrapped the frame, fork, Rossin pantographed Cinelli stem, OMAS head set, Gipiemme bottom bracket set and Rossin bar plugs very well and last Thursday the parcel finally arrived.
It's a red Rossin track frame, centre to top 50 cm, with a top tube of 51 cm centre to centre. The paint on frame and fork has several damages and scratches, but not unusual for an Italian frame of approx. 30 years old, well used on velodromes.
Maybe I'm just going to clean it and polish the paint with "Commandant", but if I'm not satisfied and if I can find a good painted, I may consider to do some "spot repair" to restore the paint work. In the end, it has to become a beautiful track bike.
About the frame size: no I'm not able to ride it. But small bikes look so pretty and I have plenty bikes to choose from when I'm going to ride. Maybe one of our kids can ride this Rossin within a couple of years. Would be great.

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