M7x1 bolts for 3ttt seat post

Got some irregular size bolts today.
10 pcs M7x1 30mm and 10 pcs M7x1 40mm.
I ordered some 25 mm bolts, but apparently these were not on stock and thus replaced by the 30 mm ones.

The hex heads of the original bolts of my 1980s 3ttt seat post are almost round and the 11 mm open end wrench slips.

Tip for people with the same kind of problem / also looking for M7 bolts: it's a common size on Citroën 2CV cars. There are lots of small webshops for 2CV parts. At least in The Netherlands and Germany, for sure in France, too.
I ordered mine here, 20 bolts for 10 euro incl P&P.
Ordered yesterday, received today.

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