Rossin, my first contact and experience

I really don’t remember when I heard of the bicycle brand Rossin for the first time. It must have been around 1982. The pro team DAF Trucks started using these bikes, after having ridden on Gazelle and Lejeune and Gazelle. Famous riders like Roger de Vlaeminck, Bert Oosterbosch, Adrie van der Poel, Hennie Kuiper, René Martens were all members of this team. This team was succeeded by Jacky Aernoudt Meubelen. In 1985, there was the Verandalux – Dries team with (again) Hennie Kuiper and Teun van Vliet.
In the early 1980’s, the bicycle brand was distributed in the Netherlands. I guess it was the big bike store Math Salden in Limbricht, Limburg, who sold this brand. To support the sales and the exposure of the name, Rossin bikes were given to riders of amateur teams like Brouwers Machines (1982 with Henri Manders, Frits van Bindsbergen) and Rossin – Jonkergouw.
Much later, it must have been 1992, I worked for Shimano and had to advise bike manufacturers on combining Shimano components with their frames. Issues of dropout dimensions and the usage of special Shimano derailleur cable guides had to be discussed and frame builder had to be forced to follow Shimano guidelines to ensure proper unction of “Shimano Total Integration” (STI). This was important for indexed shifting and Dual Control shifters. Because the pro team of Lotus / Festina had a deal with Rosin bikes and Shimano components, I had to speak to Mr. Domenico Garbelli at the EICMA fair in Milano. In those days, Mr. Garbelli was “Mr. Rossin”. I remember that Mr. Garbelli was friendly enough to take his time to speak to me, but he was certainly not happy with Shimano dictating the rules to frame builders. But the meeting had some result, because the Rossin bikes were in accordance with the Shimano guidelines that season. I don’t know if I have to be proud of that, because Rossin lost some uniqueness.
That’s my personal experience with the Rossin company and my only acquaintance with Mr. Garbelli.
Fact is, that since the 1st time I’ve heard of Rossin and seen pictures of their bikes (or seen the bikes in real), I’ve admired their beauty and construction details. To me, Rossin has always been one of those leading, attractive, famous and mysterious bike brands. Despite that, I never had the intention to buy a Rossin.

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