Benotto Modelo 24 Ragazzino update Oct/2010

The Benotto isn't finished yet, but something's going on. The bike got a facelift and is almost fully ridable.
My intention was to made the bike a bit more period correct (get rid of the BBB bottle cage, Olé brake levers), prettier (2 similar tyres, silver coloured brake callipers, matching bar tape) and more functional for a kid (short reach brake levers, other pedals, index gear shifting).
I got most of the parts I wanted.
A summary:
- Concor Junior saddle
- Vittoria Juniores 24" tubular
- Lyotard M. Berthet Nr. 23 pedals with Christophe toe straps
- 13-18T Maillard screw-on freewheel
- Alhonga brake levers
- Shimano Ultegra Dual Pivot brake callipers
- Benotto Cello-Tape blue bar tape
- Shimano SL-1050 6 speed indexed RH shifting lever
- Shimano RD-1050 rear mech
That's about it. I'm waiting for a pair of Shimano BR-1050 silver colour brake callipers that will be a bit more period correct (still light action operation I hope) and I'd love to get another pair of Tektro R100A or LR341 silver coloured brake levers (much better and nicer than the current Alhonga stuff).
Then, several rusty parts may have to be replaced or polished and the whole bike needs cleaning and some new grease. Especially the spokes don't look that great, but it may be too much to replace all of them. Maybe I'll leave it as it is.