Benotto Cello-Tape application

As I've written before, application if this handlebar tape is a headache.
The material almost doesn't stretch and it's not self-adhesive.
The application itself is do-able, but it doesn't really stay on the bars neatly.
You can either start at the end or near the stem (in the centre), but when riding, you simply move/shift/slide it.
The solution is rather simple: before wrapping the tape, apply a layer of glue to the bare handlebars. Depending on the glue used, let it cure for a while. I used Bison Kit, curing for approx. 15 to 20 minutes. After that, wrap the tape as usual.
If you use the standard Benotto bar end plugs, start with those. Use a small piece of bar tape to cover the clamps of the levers. Then, start wrapping the tape from the ends all the way up to the centre.
I always wrap clockwise on the RH side (view from the back, riders position) and counter clockwise on the LH side. Don't know if that makes a big difference but it works for my bikes.