Vittoria Juniores 24"-21 tubular

I need one of these tubular tyres for the Benotto kid's bike.
Right now it has 2 tubulars of this type in a ridable quality, but the one in the front is tan/black and the one in the rear is tan/green, just like Vittoria's bad weather Paris-Roubaix tubulars. Of course, the non-matching tyres are not acceptable.
Already after 2 days I succeeded to get my hands on a brand new tan/black tubular and the seller was so kind to send it to me for a friendly price.
It looks like a nicely rolling tyre with a nice tread as we know it from lots of other Vittoria tubulars. The width is just nice for "all day" on-road use. Not the very narrow, fragile, (almost or completely) smooth tread, record or time trial tubulars for smaller wheels that I already have. Just fine. It must be the small version of Vittoria Rally. First task for the Benotto (after acquiring the bike) done!

EDIT 22/Aug/2010: just won a new 26"-21 tubular on Ebay. One more to go for the 26" junior track bike!