Benotto Modelo 24 Ragazzino

Finally a new blog!
Starting a new project. Again a geared road bike. This one it will certainly not fit me. Perhaps it's going to be a new ride for one of our kids, otherwise it's going to be sold.
This purchase was a bit sentimental. After buying a second hand Batavus Professional in the winter of 1978/1979, I bought my first new frame set a couple of years later. A Nickel Beige (champagne) coloured Benotto 3000. The same as the famous GIS and Sanson teams of Moser and De Vlaeminck. I owned and rode 3 of those (1 Nickel Beige, 2 red) and even had a white 5000 aero turbo (or something like that), that I sold without riding it.
So, when I discovered this little road bike with 24", I just couldn't resist.
There is still something to do, but for sure it will be fun to bring this bike in a good shape.

This is a description of the bike as it is right now:
Steel, lugless welded frame, 46 cm seat tube c-t and 46 cm top tube c-t.
I guess it's from the early 1980's (cable guide below BB-shell, marking on inside of cranks).
SunTour dropouts (rear GT)
SR Silstar cranks, 152 mm, 46T single chain ring,
5 speed multiple freewheel,
SunTour Volante rear derailleur,
36H Suzue hubs,
Benotto labeled aluminium rims for 24" tubular tyres,
Vittoria Juniores 24" tubulars (not original),
alu bars 32 cm (!) c-c with 14 cm drop,
alu quill stem 6 cm with Benotto marking,
MKS cage pedals with very small Christophe size D (?) toeclips and nylon straps,
Shimano 105 Dual Pivot brakes (not original),
SunTour Olé aero levers (not original).

- clean and grease up everything,
- remove rust from spokes, headset, etc.,
- true and tension wheels/spokes,
- glue saddle cover,
- other brake levers (short reach),
- other brakes (optional, silver looks much better),
- blue cables,
- bar tape (Benotto blue?),
- decent toe straps,
- rear tubular colour tan/black, glue both tubulars,
- other pedals like Shimano PD-T100 or Lyotard Marcel Berthet (optional),
- other head set, cartridge (optional),
- chain and multiple freewheel (optional),
- new saddle Concor junior (optional),
- indexed shifting or single speed (optional).