Finishing touch

I'm pretty far now and it looks like a track bike already.
Some small bits are still missing: the Sedis Pro chain I planned to use (I have a 3/32" Super Record front chainring and until I have a good 1/8" ring, it's the best to use a narrow 3/32" chain) is too short. I've ordered a SRAM PC 870.
The handlebar tape I have doesn't belong to this bike. Cork tape is not age correct and besides that I only have white Cateye cotton tape. Other bar tape options are black Bike Ribbon or Benotto Cello Tape. I have decided to use black cloth tape, that I've ordered from Rose, Bocholt. Maybe later I will switch to Benotto or Bike Ribbon, but I'm also thinking about the possibility to cover the cloth tape with "blond" shellac. Not that I've ever used this stuff or seen that someone did it, but it seems to be a technique that was often used.
I also ordered new spokes for the rear wheel, because these are badly corroded and look poor. It will give me the possibility to polish the rear rim nicely, but it also means that I have to tie and solder the spokes. I did this only once and that's a long time ago.