Assembly bottom bracket and head set.

The assembly has started!
First, I assembled the bottom bracket set. Since this is not the 70-P-120 set that I wanted, but a 70-SS-120, I had to try and see how the chain line came out and how the clearance between crank arms, chain ring and chain stays is. All parts were installed without any grease, but with sufficient torque. The clearance between chain stays and crank arms was tight, but about the same at both sides. The chain line was quite okay, but approx. 1 mm off. To be perfect, there should be a 1 mm spacer behind the RH bottom bracket cup, but in that case, the LH crank would come very close to the chain stay. I guess that a 1 mm mismatch is not that bad, so I decided to leave it as it is.
All stuff had to come off again and re-installed with grease. To adjust the bottom bracket set, I need a proper moment arm, so, the RH crank arm had to be fixed. Unfortunately I don't have original Campagnolo crank bolts, but Shimano Dura Ace titanium hex socket head screws will do a perfect job. The chain ring bolts and the cranks bolts are not model and age correct, but for the time being I don't care. Of course, whenever I get the opportunity to replace them for a fair price, I will do so. Even Campagnolo crank caps are an option, despite the fact that these were the first parts to remove from a bike. The had and still have absolutely no function (except aesthetics), checking toque of the crank bolts became more difficult and time consuming and, not unimportant, unscrewing and re-installing the caps could ruin the treads.
Once the BB-set and the cranks were in place, the forks and the Campagnolo Record Strada headset could be assembled. Final adjustment of the bearings is done when the bike has been assembled completely, with the wheels installed and tyres inflated to 8 bar.