Cinelli Volare SLX

Cinelli Volare SLX is a very nice saddle, rare, very much sought after.
The original is from the 1980s, but a remake is still sold.
Comfort-wise not my personal favourite.
There are several versions available, al the same shape, same padding, but different styles of leather.
Smoothe leather, suede, perforated, ...
In the 1980s, not many of these saddles were sold and used, which makes these saddles rare now.
What makes the Volare SLX so wanted nowadays is unclear. Same as for the Maestro. Well known name, pretty rare.
I got this saddle in pre-used condition, red textured suede. I hate red and differently coloured saddles and because this one was also a bit worn, I decided to dye it black. Easier and more nice with smooth leather than with suede.