Selle Royal CX saddle

This saddle was the last real attempt of Selle Royal to offer a real racing saddle. The CX was launched in the second half of the 1980s.
All I do remember of this saddle is that it looked great, but it was terribly uncomfortable. I think I got one of the 1st sample, but took it off my bike after the first attempt. Nearly everybody must have had the same feeling, judging by the rare reviews available on the web. Anyway, the saddle was not a success, thus very rare at this moment. Nice collectors item.
The nose of the saddle is open, letting the air flowing through the saddle. A nice aerodynmic feature for the early time trial bikes, at least in theory.
The curves at the back of the rails should offer some suspension and comfort.
Last photo: how the saddle comes new in box: together with saddle cover and brochure.